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We know how difficult it can be to trust someone with helping you care for your pet. Schedule a meet-n-greet with us! You can meet the doctor, the staff and have a walk though of the clinic.

You'll have some time to chat, ask some questions about us, the clinic and how we can help you.  

cat held by vet

Preventive Care

We at Creature Comfrots are able to offer full annual physical exams, vaccines, parasite prevention, dental checks, nutritional consults and even Fear Free Consults.

Non-urgent Illness

We are happy to help your pet with any non-urgent issues such as gastrointestinal upset, ear or eye infections, skin issues, lump checks or lameness.

dog having ears checked by vet

Technician Appointments 

Pharmacy and Dispensing Prescription Medications 

We can prescribe and dispense medication to you during a visit, from a previous visit or order the product from our distributor, if is something we do not carry routinely. We have the ability to order a vaiety of products from, shampoos, flea and ticks preventions, intestinal parasite prevention and treatment along with tablets/capsules and even compounded medications!  

medication pharmacy clinic
idexx blood work machines analysers


We use Idexx Laboratory Services for our diagnostics.  We have the ability to preform blood work, urine testing and cytology in clinic.  This in clinic service will give you results within a 15 minute time frame.   We also can send samples to the Idexx lab, here in Calgary which can provide results from 24 hours for blood samples to 5-7 days for most histopathology (microscopic examination of cell types in a sample). 


We can do minor surgeries through the house-call service, like small mass removals, minor laceration repairs, small biopsies, etc  with sedation.  We also provide surgeries requiring full general anesthesia in-clinic, such as spays and neuters, dental procedures, larger mass removals, laceration repairs etc.  

animal surgery suite
x ray radiology

Full Body and Dental Radiology 

We have the current, state of the art full body x ray machine and the ability to even send radiographs to a board certified radiologist anywhere in the world for their opinion!  Along with our full body machine we have dental radiology.  We can take these pictures while your pet in under general anesthesia to assess the tooth (crown and root), along with the boney structures surrounding the root.  

house call services

In Home Services

We provide house call services for the South of Calgary, Foothills, Okotoks and surrounding areas.

We currently DO NOT provide in home survices to

the North of Calgary and surrounding areas, downtown or to dewlings

that do not have full access parking, such as condos.

During our house call visits we can provide physical exams, vaccines, deworming, prescriptions, lab work (to the Idexx lab in calgary), minor sedation procedures, Fear Free Consultations etc.

We also provide in home end of life services, click below to read more on that service.  

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